Same Day Agra Packages

Take a one day Agra tour by car

Visit India's pride, take a one day Agra tour by car .One of our most popular tour packages is the Same Day Agra Tour by car from New Delhi. It can also be called a same day Taj Mahal Tour by car as it is arranged specially to visit the Taj Mahal . Every visitor to Agra has the desire to see this monument of love and places it as first priority in the itinerary. The Taj Mahal tour is more important because the Taj Mahal is not only a historical monument of India but it is the seventh wonder of the world and also a UNESCO world heritage site. As the story behind the building of this monument goes Emperor Shah Jahan who loved his wife Mumtaz Mahal very much promised her on her death bed that he will make their love immortal by building a beautiful monument over her grave and this promise he fulfilled by making a mausoleum so beautiful that it became the seventh wonder of the world . It is marble edifice which is admired by all and people come from far and near , from across the seven seas just to see this monument of love. Other places of interest which this same Day Agra Tour covers are the Agra fort and Fatehpur Sikri all of them UNESCO World Heritage sights. A one day trip to Agra is a must for every tourist as it provides a glimpse into the historical past of India and fortunately covers three world heritage sites and also the seventh wonder of the world .