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About India Travel Bear India Travel Bear was originally founded in year 2010, initiated by the passionate and experience travel industry team of two Tour directors. We know the art of making the entire travel experience memorable. India Travel Bear (ITB) is one leading destination management company with an exquisite record of inbound business in India. We are one of the “Best Inbound Tour operator”, ITB has network of offices in every tourism city of India. ITB has working relations with tour operators worldwide. We provide expert and creative guidance to travelers to give extraordinary experience of India. ITB has specializes in offering customized services to individual traveler, group tours, special interest tours and many more. Our head office is in Agra, India which gives us competitive advantage to offer you best Tajmahal tours. Once Mr. Bill Clinton said “The world is divided in two kinds of people, Those who has seen the Tajmahal and those who has not seen the Tajmahal and love it. We have choose the name of our company “India Travel Bear” by taking inspiration from Native American symbol, the bear is as free in spirit as the great wind. The bear is a guide to take leadership in your life.